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Max Power Plus Cement is the latest revolutionary offering, premium variant of Portland Pozzolana Cement produced from the best quality clinker along with its special components which comes with its unique Super 6 Advantages specially designed for concrete-based construction requirements – foundation, column and slab requiring greater strength.

Max Power Plus Cement comes with 6 advantages for your RCC construction and slab casting.

High Volume

Max Power Plus is made with Extra Advanced Technology which effectively increases the covering area of the concrete mortar during Dhalai and thus saves overall construction cost.

High Strength

Max Power Plus attains a high early and high final strength thus making it ideal for all Dhalai applications such as foundations, slab, beams, columns etc.

Super Setting

Concrete made from Max Power Plus hardens faster due to which strength gain is high and helps in faster construction.

Superior Bonding

Max Power Plus strengthen the bond between the cement and TMT bars to give Dhalai superior strength and stability.

Superior Finish

High Reactive and High-Quality additives in MAX Power Plus helps in making a smoother concrete mortar that's privides excellent finish.

Everlasting Durability

Max Power Plus forms a protective layer of gel which provides resistance to chemical, sulphate and corrosion attacks and hence protects your home.


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Max Cement Power Plus is packaged BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) bags, ensuring that no cement is wasted during transit and handling at the building site. These bags also help cement preserve its quality for a longer duration.