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Career Opportunities

Employee development activities help employees to enhance their skills and upgrade their existing knowledge for them to contribute more effectively towards the success of an organization. Trainings and employee development activities make individuals reliable resources for the organization and motivate them to deliver their level best. Regular trainings prepare employees for unpredictable changes in the system or unforeseen adverse situations.

At Green Valliey Industries we strongly believe in employee learning and development of its employees to enhance the skill set and individual growth.

At Green Valliey Industries we strongly believe in employee learning and development of its employees to enhance the skill set and individual growth of each and every employee of our organization. Various employee development programs have been adopted by the company in order to build the skill and knowledge of the workers.


On the Job Training: The most historical and effective method of training is the on-job training. The managers and the seniors pass Knowledge, Skills and insight through coaching and mentoring. On the Job training is a continuous method of educating the employees on the process and the job role. Based on the ‘On the Job training’ the employees are identified as to who is ‘TRAINED’, ‘NEEDS TRAINING’ and who ‘CAN TRAIN’.

Class Room Training: Another training method adopted by the company is class room training. Various training needs are identified through ‘TRAINING NEED IDENTIFICATION’ and based on training need identification training calendar is made and accordingly training is imparted to the employees on the topic decided.

External Training Classes: The Company periodically organizes training through external faculty on technical subjects and behavioral topics like personality development, Team building, motivation, etc. The company also sends its elected employees to attend training program organized by government bodies and other companies.


At Green Valliey Industries Ltd. we believe in developing multi skill in our employees so that at the time of crises, the employee can perform the desired job. Job rotation moves an employee through one or more different positions. The rotation can last several hours, weeks’, months or even a year.

Cross-training: It is a specific type of job rotation where an employee learns the skills of a different position.

These approaches are designed so that it can effectively add diversity and interest, prepare individuals for promotion, rejuvenate work units and improve communication.

At MAX CEMENT, we believe that human resources are our greatest assets with whom the organization shares a symbiotic relationship. It is our belief that provided the right learning environment; individuals aspire to enhance their knowledge which in turn takes the organization to new heights of growth and innovation.

We are continuously looking for talent who can add value to a systems and processes, in turn, enriching their learning experience and grow as a world class professional.

If you believe that you have an insatiable hunger for learning new things and can excel in execution of your learning, please visit our career form page and submit your resume so that we can consider your CV against some of our current and future openings.