The Pledge to Not Use Single-Use Plastic Continues to Glow Brightly!

A Promise is Forever

Promises once made should be kept till the end. It reflects our commitment towards a cause and shows that we value what we say and what we do. Such is the pledge taken towards discarding single-use plastic. This pledge is more than just an occasion to celebrate a festival. It is a Socio-Environmental campaign that dreams of lighting the lamp of a worldwide revolution.

Why do you ask?

The Plastic Pollution in India is Bad, Really Bad

Plastics have sadly become a part and parcel of our lives. From food packaging, plastic carry bags to plastic money, the plastic menace has taken over our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. Contributing to this already growing problem is the recent addition of online delivery start-ups which are reportedly adding to about 22,000 tonnes of plastic waste in the environment almost every month.

All of this plastic rubbish failing to biodegrade makes its way into the oceans affecting the lives of various precious species and then further making its way into our lives. In spite of such a glaring problem, why can’t we give up the convenience of using these unnecessary products?

Lack of Alternatives or Lack of a Moral Stand?

While there are tons of eco-friendly options available now in the market and of course in the environment naturally, it has now become more of a question of a conscious choice- whether we have reached that state of moral awakening where we can find the confidence to say no to plastics and ask or seek for environmentally friendlier options.

How Our Daily Choices Affect the World Bit by Bit

Approximately 8 million plastic waste is dumped in the oceans every year. Out of this 60% of the waste is the sole contribution of India alone. That means we as a Nation of 1.37 billion people are producing approximately 56 lakh tonnes of plastic waste every year!

Although the per capita consumption is comparatively low to more developed countries, there need to be effective solutions to addressing this plastic waste problem once and for all through targeted investments in recycling and ensuring that sustained efforts are being taken to reduce consumption.

Ek Diya Prakriti Ke Naam

Let's Be a Part of Something Big

To address this very issue of plastic pollution, Max Cement and Times 8 in association with Kamrup (M) District Administration and Assam Tourism created the world’s biggest eco-friendly Diya on the very special occasion of Diwali, the festival of lights. The aim was to create awareness about the harmful effects of single-use plastic in the environment. The Diya was about 8ft in diameter, 2.5ft in height and had an oil storage capacity of about 800 litres.

The Diya was lit on the 26th evening by Governor of Assam, Jagdish Mukh on the banks of Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati on the day of Choti Diwali. It marked the start of the revolution and the ceremony took place amidst honorary dignitaries such as spiritual leaders, social activists and celebrities. Everyone present was asked to pour one spoon of oil in the Diya as a mark of the pledge.

Ek Diya Prakriti Ke Naam was a successful initiative for a nationwide revolution that continues to glow brightly. This campaign aims to contribute significantly to the governments pressing demand to ban use of plastic by 2022 and adopt greener alternatives.

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