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Max Cement is a part of Green Valliey Industries and it manufactures cement under the brand of “Max” and has evolved as the ultimate choice for building that stretch the limits of their imagination to create homes and structures that define the North-Eastern region of India. Its close proximity to high-grade limestone mines gives the product a unique edge over its competitors with more than 500 dealers who believe in us. The company has never compromised on the values and business ethics. The parameter of quality, customer service and timely delivery is always our first priority Max Cement as a brand embodies 'strength', 'stability' and 'setting'. 3S has always been the brand’s core promise.

The Company has installed German and Japanese technology in manufacturing superior grade cement which exceeds the basic BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) requirements by a significant margin. The Max Cement plant is located at Nongsning, Meghalaya and has a market presence across the Seven Sister States of the North-East. Max Cement provides a range of products that cater to the various aspects of construction, from foundation to finish. The retail format of Max Cement Building Solutions offers a wide range of construction products to the end customers under one roof offering a one-stop shop for every primary construction need.

The Company has an installed production capacity of 1 million tons. Max Cement’s products include Portland Pozzolana(PPC) cement is ordinary Portland cement intimately blended or interground with pozzolanic materials such as fly ash, calcite clay, rice husk ash etc. The pozzolanic materials are sourced from reputed thermal power stations and are processed under very stringent quality assurance process to produce the finest quality of PPC Cement. The Max Portland Pozzolana Cement is ideally suited for the all type of RCC construction including construction of hydraulic structures, mass concreting works, masonry mortars, plastering and many more applications.

OPC typically means Ordinary Portland Cement. This is standard concrete used for many purposes. Max OPC is the most popular general-purpose cement in the country today. The production of OPC is nearly 50% of the total production of cement in the country. Max OPC is majorly used for civil engineering construction work, precast and pre-stressed items such as concrete blocks, tiles, pipes and asbestos products such as sheets, pipes and non-structural works such as plastering and flooring.

Max Cement is now a leading brand of North-East and has been consistently No.1 in cement quality.

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