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Home Making Guide

North East India has historically been a place that is affected by natural calamities and lies in Seismic zone 5. From earthquake to drought to floods to landslides, they have seen hardships all along. That’s when the role of cement companies become very important. After extensive research, we have developed a cement brand that can perform in the most extreme weather conditions and still give your construction the extra bit of strength and security. Hence we came up with the 3S formula: STRENGTH, SETTING & STABILITY to give your house 'maximum guarantee'.

If you are planning to build a house, cement stays the most important raw material. However, we also give you a few simple steps you can keep in mind while building your home:

  • Building Site Location and Batter Board Construction.
  • Elevation and Excavation Depth Determination.
  • Continuous Footing Form Construction.
  • Easy Strip Concrete Wall Form Construction.
  • Floor Framing.
  • Exterior Wall Framing.
  • Gable Roof Framing.
  • Hip Roof Framing.
  • Flat Roof Framing.
  • Shed Roof Framing.
  • Exterior Wall Covering.
  • Sheathing And Covering Roofs.
  • Stair Construction.
  • Interior Tile Flooring.
  • Heat Insulation And Vapour Barriers.
  • Wall And Ceiling Gypsum Board Finish.
  • House Space Design.
  • Concrete Mixtures.
  • Double Pole Scaffold Construction.
  • Sawhorse Construction At An Exact Height With Angle Cosines.