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Mazboot Ghar,Mazboot Rishtey

'Home'…the word that floods our memories with nostalgia and echoes the stories of our childhood and growing up, of the numerous celebrations and laughter, of gatherings and homecomings, of new beginnings and bondin. It is the silent confession box of our sorrows and secrets, yet it is where worries and woes, mistakes and miseries, departings and loneliness disappear…


The pandemic did usher a new way of life, and changed our perspective on a lot of tradition bound matters, such as workplace functionality, size of a production team, the contact with the channel itself and introducing a brand new avatar, which is our own home.

From our earliest memories till now, home has been a safe haven that has always offered the feeling of strength, warmth, love and taught us the meaning of relationships. The walls of our home have witnessed all our emotions. They have been the witness to our happiness and worries in our lives. The walls, the rooms, the roof and its spaces have seen the various chapters of our lives, from being single to being married, to the arrival of a child, to the growth of a new generation, they’ve gone through it all, with us.

The lockdown introduced a totally new meaning to ‘Home’. In the last 16 months, we’ve seen the role of our house change drastically. It’s been given a totally new meaning with a shift in dependency.

What remained unchanged was our relationships that have created the strongest of bonds. The new role that a Home played, has inculcated a sense of new value and respect, for others as well as towards their work. Home donned multiple hats, from its various costumes of a school, workplace, playground, restaurant, shopping mall, and even a clinic.

Due to these multiple roles being played, our bond with our Home has increased significantly. Keeping this theme in mind, Max Cement has launched a new campaign paying homage to yours and our Home, ‘'Mazboot Ghar Mazboot Rishtey”. Featuring the very talented and internationally acclaimed actor, Mr. Adil Hussain taking us through the new meaning and different roles of Home, now in our life.