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How to Evaluate Cement Companies in Assam for Your Construction Needs: A Comprehensive Guide
22nd February 2024
Discover how to evaluate cement companies in Assam for your construction needs with our comprehensive guide. Learn about cement grades, reputable manufacturers, product quality, pricing, and building trust for successful projects. Make informed decisions to ensure longevity and strength in your construction endeavors.
A Guide to Buying the Best Affordable OPC Cement in North East India
15th February 2024
Discover the essential factors for buying the best affordable OPC cement in North East India. Learn about grades, brand reputation, manufacturing processes, and more to make informed decisions for your construction projects. Ensure durability and strength with our comprehensive guide.
6 Essential Features to Look for in the Best Cement in North East India
28th January 2024
Discover the key elements for selecting the Best Quality Cement in North East India. Strengthen your foundation with these 6 essential features. Build strong, resilient structures for a secure future.
How to Compare and Decide on the Top Cement Manufacturers in North East India?
24th January 2024
Navigate the construction market with ease. Compare and choose the Biggest Cement Manufacturers in North East India for a strong foundation.
Securing a Stronger Future: Seeking Out the Best Cement Company for North East India
20th December 2023
The importance of choosing the right cement for northeast India’s civil industry. For resilience and reliability, explore OPC, PPC, and PSC options for a stronger future.
Constructing Excellence: Selecting the Right Portland Cement Manufacturer for Sustainable Projects
14th December 2023
Securing Sustainable Construction in Northeast India by seeking out the Right Portland Cement Manufacturer for Seismic Resilience, convenience, and accessibility. 
2nd December 2022
Plinth beam is an RCC structure placed between the walls and foundation of a home. Plinth beam provides even support to the walls of a home. If the plinth beam is not constructed right there are chances that cracks might appear on the walls. It is mandatory to construct a plinth beam in flood-prone areas, without it there is a risk of the weakening and collapsing of the walls.
9th April 2021
Earthquake can cause the structure of your home to shift which can put the strength of your house in danger, if you are in the process of getting your house built then here are some of the ways through which you can ensure an earthquake resistant house. So let’s find out how to make your home from earthquake resistant
23rd September 2020
Plaster refers to building material which is being used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for moulding and casting decorative elements. Plastering covers rough walls and uneven surfaces in the beautification or construction of houses and other structures with a plastic material, called plaster, which is a mixture of lime or cement concrete and sand along with the required quantity of water.
4th September 2020
Concrete is a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement (cement paste) that hardens (cures) over time. Concrete plays an important role in the construction of our homes. We can make it either with the help of a drum mixer or manually.
Safety Guidelines at construction sites- Post Pandemic.
29th August 2020
The Covid-19 virus, which had put our normal and regular life to a halt, is still prevalent. Just as the Government has lifted the lockdown for the livelihood of the citizens, we should also play our role in practising the Statutory guidelines to abate the spread of the virus. Max Cement provides the best qulaity cement in Northeast and also construction related help through Max Care Van.  Offices, shops and construction sites and workers have already resumed their work. A company or leaders must take initiative to protect the workers and must understand first about the safety of the workers, as well as selves, in the perspective of the pandemic.
What to check on cement bag?
18th July 2020
When you buy or plan to buy cement, there are certain things which you need to check and we are here to look into these one by one. We know that every products or materials such as food, medicines, clothing, machinery, etc., do not last forever. Similarly, cement also loses its strength with time, from the date of packing, depending upon its type. Hence, this is a necessity, so that a shopkeeper does not end up in fooling buyers by selling a product that is old or has expired.
7th July 2020
Accident is always everywhere around us, it depends on how cautious we are and how we work safely in our daily life. Implementing safe practices at work place, protects the workers from injuries, death and illnesses caused by hazardous conditions. Engineers of Max Cement provide necessary guidance on-site by providing best practices for construction with special focus to safety tips.
Rainwater Harvesting initiative while constructing your house
5th May 2020
When we are on the venture of planning and building our house, we should take the initiative of being a responsible citizen and also give a thought for environment and its sustainable development. In this regard, Max cement provides good PPC cement for a strong house, its cement plant based within the North-eastern state of India, in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya.

The above articles are for information purposes only. For any technical assistance get in touch with an Architect or an Engineer.